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New machine
AMIS 2-shaft shredder TYPE ZM
Manufacturer: AMIS
Power: 11 - 22 kW
Applicability: E-Waste, Rubber, Wood, Plastics, Metal, Waste, Paper

Now New! 2-Shaft Shredder in the machinery program!
2-shaft shredder TYPE ZM 3 and 2-shaft Shredder TYPE ZM 52
(Article n.: AMIS Typ ZM / New machine)
New machine
ZBS Single Shaft Shredder
Manufacturer: ZERMA
Power: 11 kW

The machines provide an easy and cost effective alternative to the larger single shaft shredder of the ZSS series. The ZBS series was specifically developed for the crushing of lumps in the waste molding and blow molding as a pre-shredder for interaction with a granulator.
(Article n.: ZBS / New machine)
New machine
ZWS SMART Reliable and compact wood shredding
Manufacturer: AMIS
Power: 15 - 18,5 kW
Applicability: Wood

AMIS presents the ZWS 600 SMART, an addition to the ZWS series. This series was designed as a cost-effective solution specifically for shredding scrap wood in small and medium-sized wood processing businesses.

- Compact design
- Rugged welded steel construction
- Large-volume hopper for material feed
- Solid steel rotor with bolted-on
knife holders
- Programmable logic controller (PLC) for
fully automated operation
(Article n.: Baureihe ZWS 600 SMART / New machine)
New machine
ZWS 600 – 2600 Woodshredder - Single-shaft shredders for wood waste on an industrial scale
Manufacturer: ZERMA
Power: 18,5 - 2x90 kW
Applicability: Wood

AMIS ZWS series single-shaft shredders are used in workshops and industrial enterprises in the wood-processing industry to ensure cost-effective recycling of wood waste and many other materials.
These machines are designed for heavy duty applications and reliable continuous operation.
(Article n.: Baureihe ZWS / New machine)
New machine
Single Shaft Shredder ZSS 850 - ZSS 2000
Manufacturer: ZERMA
Power: 37 bis 75 oder 2x55 kW

The clever pre shredding solution
(Article n.: Baureihe ZSS / New machine)
New machine
Single Shaft Shredder ZRS 1000 to ZRS 1500 for shredding of pipes
Manufacturer: ZERMA
Power: 2 x 45 und 2 x 55 kW

The solution for big diameter pipes
(Article n.: Baureihe ZRS / New machine)
New machine
ZIS- Shredder for voluminous parts
Manufacturer: ZERMA
Power: 55, 75, 2 x 55
Applicability: E-Waste, Rubber, Wood, Plastics, Waste, Paper

The ZIS series shredders are single shaft shredders with a large internal volume. The redesigned hydraulic pusher system creates approx 35% more space in the cutting chamber while increasing the power and speed of the ram itself.
(Article n.: ZIS / New machine)
New machine
Single Shaft Shredder ZXS 1500 - ZXS 3000
Manufacturer: ZERMA
Power: 2 x 75 bis 2 x 90 kW

The high throughput shredder
(Article n.: Baureihe ZXS / New machine)
Used machine
Shredder ERDWICH KZF 200
Manufacturer: ERDWICH
Power: 3
Applicability: Plastics

Shredder for shredding Printer Cartridges
Drive 3.0 kW
(Article n.: 9480 / Used machine)
Used machine
ARP Typ CS 5000
Manufacturer: ARP
Power: 15 kW
Applicability: E-Waste, Rubber, Wood, Plastics, Metal, Waste, Paper

Harvesting: 500 x 500 mm
Drive: 2 x 7,5 kW

Suitable for: fruit crates, PET bottles, plastic waste, etc.
(Article n.: 9981 / Used machine)
Used machine
Untha 4-shaft shredder type RS 40
Manufacturer: Untha
Power: 2 x 11
Applicability: Wood, Plastics

(Article n.: 9944 / Used machine)
Used machine
Manufacturer: GROSS
Power: 37
Applicability: Wood

(Article n.: 10150 / Used machine)
Used machine
Reinbold Horizontal Single Shaft Shredder Type AZR H 1200
Manufacturer: Reinbold Horizontal Einwellen Shredder
Power: 37 kW
Applicability: Wood

Cross section: 1200 x 1200 mm
vibro channel
Rotor-Ø: 350 mm
Width: 1200 mm
Drive: 37 kW
(Article n.: 7698 / Used machine)
Used machine
Manufacturer: ZENO
Power: 88
Applicability: Wood

(Article n.: 10151 / Used machine)
Used machine
Single-Shaft Shredder ZERMA ZXS 2000
Manufacturer: ZERMA
Power: 180
Applicability: Rubber, Plastics

Feed opening Hopper approximately 2500x2000 mm
Working diameter approximately 1500x1900 mm
Rotor diameter 750 mm
Drive 2 x 90 kW, Hydraulic 7,5 kW
(Article n.: 10239 / Used machine)