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New machine
AMIS 2-shaft shredder TYPE ZM
Manufacturer: AMIS
Power: 11 - 22 kW
Applicability: E-Waste, Rubber, Wood, Plastics, Metal, Waste, Paper

Now New! 2-Shaft Shredder in the machinery program!
2-shaft shredder TYPE ZM 3 and 2-shaft Shredder TYPE ZM 52
(Article n.: AMIS Typ ZM / New machine)
New machine
ZBP-500 Briquetting press- For industrial production of square briquettes
Manufacturer: AMIS
Power: 30 kW
Applicability: Wood, Metal, Paper

The ZBP 500 briquettes compressible materials into highly compacted
briquettes. The briquettes are easy to store and transport well, thanks to
stackability. In the press chamber of the hydraulic pressing unit, the briquettes are
formed by a compression cylinder. As a result, up to nine briquettes can be
produced per minute with a pressing force of 1,000 -1700 kg / cm².
(Article n.: ZBP 500 / New machine)
New machine
Pipe / Profil Shredder Serie ZRS 1000 - 1500
Manufacturer: ZERMA
Power: 2 x 45 und 2 x 55 kW
Applicability: Rubber, Metal

The solution for big diameter pipes
(Article n.: Baureihe ZRS / New machine)
Used machine
ARP Typ CS 5000
Manufacturer: ARP
Power: 15 kW
Applicability: E-Waste, Rubber, Wood, Plastics, Metal, Waste, Paper

Harvesting: 500 x 500 mm
Drive: 2 x 7,5 kW

Suitable for: fruit crates, PET bottles, plastic waste, etc.
(Article n.: 9981 / Used machine)
Used machine
Inclined conveyor belt TTW-Thermo technology VZA
Manufacturer: TTW-Thermo-Technik
Power: 0,18
Applicability: E-Waste, Rubber, Wood, Plastics, Metal, Paper

Condition Used machine ready for use
Drive motor 0.18 kW at 50 Hz
Slatted, chute
(Article n.: 9254 / Used machine)